Joby Schraier visits Las Vegas

Joby Schraier loves to travel all over the United States both for fun and business. He is the Director of Finance for Royal Gate Dodge in St. Louis, Missouri so he drives whenever possible. During a recent visit to Las Vegas for a finance convention, he took some time to explore the nearby Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon.

Joby Schraier

Enjoying the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon helped Schraier unwind from professional stress. He and his family rode mules down into the canyon. It felt like a moving mediation. When they stopped for lunch, he and his kids saw a Praying Mantis. Seeing how it moved as it attacked a beetle was like a mini-martial arts lesson. There is an entire series of martial arts moves based on the Praying Mantis. It was a nice change yet he was happy to get back behind the wheel of his Jeep Wrangler.

Next, they drove to Hoover Dam and enjoyed the scenic views of the Colorado River and Lake Mead. Riding the elevator down for the inside tour made Schraier’s ears pop. The massive water turbines and other equipment inside the dam was a testament to the power of human creativity and engineering. He saw comparisons between the quality of the turbines and the engines in cars.

Joby Schraier learns something every time he travels. Keeping his eyes and ears open to the surroundings can help you find inspiration. Whether helping a customer finance a vehicle, deepening his marital arts skills or spending time with family, he focuses on the moment.

Joby Schraier on Management

Joby Schraier has had many years of experience in the art of management. In fact, he possesses over two decades’ worth of knowledge and strategies that have helped him lead teams from different companies in different industries to success. He understands that in order to be a successful manager, one has to know how to be efficient, as well as understanding. This is essentially a balancing act that requires the manager to be able to connect to the team, as well as understand their wants and needs as individuals. Many have failed in this regard.

Joby Schraier

His experience in several companies from different industries has given him a plethora of scenarios with which he has had to come up with solutions for different problems. While he has worked across different industries, his strategies may not be quite as varied as might be thought. Some would likely believe that in order to succeed in upper management across different companies, let alone different industries, the manager must be extremely talented. While there is no doubt that Schraier is indeed very talented as a manger, he is able to utilize multiple strategies for different scenarios.

Many fail to understand or appreciate what is required for a person to succeed in management in any company or industry. Generally, it all comes down to several basics that need to be followed and understood. Schraier has learned the art of what managing people is all about. It comes down to motivating a team to do their best for the company, as well as themselves. This can be tricky, but merely requires the manager understand them on a personal level, and motivate them to use their inner strengths. An excellent manager would be at the forefront of this effort.

Another point that many fail to see is that there is a stark difference between a leader, and a boss. A leader is someone who leads their team, and inspires them by their own personal example. Many of the greatest leaders throughout history have done this, from Alexander The Great, Julius Caesar, and Napoleon Bonaparte. These men led others by with their personality and inspirational examples they set. A boss only seeks to accomplish the goal with little or no thought or regard for their team’s wants or needs. This can be extremely detrimental to the project.

Joby Schraier understands these differences between a leader and a boss very well. He would not be where he is today if he failed to understand these principles. In leading others, the leader often finds that the team and themselves become linked. This is an excellent situation, as it pushes the team further to succeed, and the leader to stay on track.

Joby Schraier – Secrets to Business Success

Joby Schraier has been a successful manager in the automotive industry for almost twenty years, and people who are able to achieve their goals often share their secrets of success. One thing that is often mentioned is the value of single minded focus. In any field of endeavor, there are going to be other people that want the same things that you do. If your commitment to your profession is halfhearted, you are going to be at a disadvantage.

Joby Schraier

The people who climb to the top take what they do very seriously. When you are always striving to learn more as you go the extra mile at every turn, you stay one step ahead of the competition. Eventually, you will become indispensable, and this is another success secret that that you hear people talk or write about. If your organization simply could not get by without you, you are in a very favorable position.

It is also important to develop your leadership skills, and this is something that Joby Schraier has been able to do. He has been in management for much of his professional career, and there is no substitute for day to day, hands-on learning. One thing that becomes very apparent to people in management is that team building is the key to a successful operation. You need to identify the right people and develop a supportive culture that makes the team greater than the sum of its parts.

When you are looking for clues, it is wise to examine the habits of successful people like Joby Schraier. These are a few ideas, but there are many books and articles written on the subject if you would like to dig deeper.


Joby Schraier – Learning Is Ongoing

Joby Schraier has a great deal of experience as an automotive finance manager. He started out in the business almost two decades ago, and he is currently the finance director for a dealership near St. Louis, Missouri. When you have been in a management position for a very long time within a certain industry, you may start to get comfortable. You can proceed with the understanding that you already know everything that there is to know. In many if not most cases, this is a recipe for disaster.

Joby Schraier

Things are always changing within any industry, and this has always been true. If you are not ready, willing and able to evolve, you may be left behind at some point in time. This is especially relevant during our current era. Computer technology has changed the playing field, and it continues to advance by leaps and bounds. Plus, there are other forms of technology that impact industries. When you are in the automotive finance field like Joby Schraier, there are new financial products that are introduced as time goes on. To stay relevant, you have to be willing to obtain fresh knowledge. Some people make a concerted effort to learn something new each and every day.

When it comes to the value of ongoing learning, Joby Schraier has a particular advantage that he has earned through dedication and hard work. He is a first degree black belt in taekwondo, so he has committed himself to ever increasing levels of expertise. This may be one of the reasons why he is always eager to keep up with emerging trends in his chosen professional field of endeavor.

Joby Schraier – Martial Artist

Joby Schraier is the Director of Finance for Royal Gate Dodge, which is a dealership that is located on the outskirts of St. Louis, Missouri. He has been in the automotive management and finance business for his entire professional life, and it takes a good bit of time and energy to work in this field. Auto dealerships cannot operate on bankers’ hours, because they have to be open when people are not at work themselves. There can be long days, and there can be a lot of pressure, but there are significant rewards if you are good at what you do.

Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

Anyone who has a demanding job should look for activities that provide release and balance when they have spare time. This is something that Joby Schraier has taken to a very high level. He is a martial arts enthusiast, and he is a first degree black belt in taekwondo. Without question, this is an extraordinary accomplishment that is very impressive. It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to be able to obtain a black belt, but you gain many different benefits. The self defense factor is obvious, and you get a lot of exercise when you devote yourself to the martial arts. Plus, you are training your mind as well as your body when you are a martial artist. You learn about self discipline, and you develop the ability to take instructions from teachers humbly.

Martial artists can typically take the lessons that they learn through the practice of the discipline and apply them to every different aspect of their lives. This can lead to career success, and this is something that Joby Schraier has certainly enjoyed.

Joby Schraier – The Importance of Good Credit

Joby Schraier has a long history in the automotive finance industry. He embarked on a career in this sector almost two decades ago, and he has risen to a management position. He is currently Director of Finance for Royal Gate Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram, a dealership that is just outside of St. Louis, Missouri. When you are in this line of work, you have a thorough understanding of the value of good credit. Sadly, many people don’t protect their credit ratings, and this can have a very negative impact on your life in many different ways.

Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

Though some individuals utilize public transportation, most people require automotive transportation to conduct their lives. Cars that are relatively new and reliable are going to cost thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. There are not too many people who have that kind of money in their wallets, so financing is the key to reliable transportation. If you can’t get a car loan because you have bad credit, you are in an unenviable position. Plus, if you can get a motor vehicle loan as a person with poor credit, you are going to pay a higher rate of interest. This is something that auto finance people like Joby Schraier run into frequently, but this is one of the consequences that you pay if you do not protect your credit.

Aside from the automotive equation, there are other significant negative circumstances that can come about if you have bad credit. Many employers will run credit checks before they extend offers to applicants, so poor credit can prevent you from landing your dream job. Plus, if you want to rent a house or apartment, the landlord or property manager will almost definitely check your credit. A low credit score can actually make it very difficult to put a roof over your head. Of course, obtaining a mortgage would be completely out of the question. When you combine all of these facts, you can see that damaged credit can make it very difficult to get by, because housing, a job, and transportation are basic necessities.

When you consider how high the stakes are, you should certainly take your credit very seriously. If you apply for every card that is offered to you and spend above your means, you can get over your head in a hurry. Student loan debt is also something that can get out of hand. You should keep the big picture firmly in mind when you are asking companies to lend you money. It can seem like you’re getting things for free, but in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

Since we are all connected to the Internet and information can be transferred so easily, it is relatively simple to pay close attention to your credit rating. You are entitled to a free credit report each calendar year, and many credit cards offer free monthly credit scores. If you do the right things, you will have no worries if you decide to speak with someone like Joby Schraier about a low interest automotive loan.

Tae Kwan Do Expert – Joby Schraier

JobySchraier is a first-degree black belt who has mastered the art form of Tae KwonDo. He studied Tae Kwon Do at Ahn’s Martial Arts in St Louis, Missouri.Heis also is an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan who has traveled to seegames across the country.He recommends it as a great stepping stone to increasestrength and develop self-defense in your day-to-day routine. For him, Tae KwonDo allows you to achieve greatly at any level; you gain a solid foundation ofpride as well as a sense of accomplishment bundled with self-esteem.

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