Joby Schraier – South Carolina

Joby Schraier’s experience in North Carolina got him in touch with his wild side, but when he got to South Carolina, he embraced a much more elegant take on the South. He crossed into the state right outside of Myrtle Beach, where he was booked for a weekend on a country club. South Carolina has been host to multiple PGA Tours, and has some of the best golfing in the country concentrated in an area full of championship courses.

Each day,  Joby Schraier would get up and start his day with playing 18 holes right after a light breakfast. By lunchtime, he would be making his way toward the ocean, but still finding a small ma-and-pa barbeque stand to sample all he could of that vinegary BBQ flavor. He relaxed on the shores throughout the late afternoon and read books as he worked don his tan. Then, he would end the day with a seaside seafood feast, usually including a fresh catch of the day and the accompaniment of a glass of red wine.

After leaving Myrtle Beach, Joby Schraier walked through the historic downtown of Charleston and then made his way back to the coast, this time going to Hilton Head for a similar routine that he enjoyed so much while in Myrtle. Joby Schraier really enjoyed his time in South Carolina, and his golf game benefitted greatly from all the practice he got on championship courses all over the state. To this day, it was his most memorable golfing trip ever.