Joby Schraier – New York

Joby Schraier remembers the first time he crossed the Brooklyn Bridge as if it were yesterday. He was on a business trip, going to consult with a new auto parts shop that was opening in Long Island. He was driving in early in the morning, and he had not spent much time in the city before, so he took a few voluntary detours and checked out all that the area had to offer. He didn’t have his meeting until later in the day, so he took full advantage of the time available to him.

 Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

First, he parked his car right outside of Union Station and hopped on the metro. He first took a walk around Central Park to ease his legs after the drive. A few hours had passed, and he had worked up an appetite. He went over to Greenwich Village and had a bagel with an espresso at a street side café. He struck up conversation with the waitress, who told him he should wait until night to go see Times Square because it would be more scenic then, with the lights and all. She then recommended he goes to Chinatown for lunch and gets a taste of the diversity of the city.

So Joby Schraier did exactly that; and it had turned out his client wanted to take him out that night in Times Square, so it worked out perfectly. With his soon-to-be successful new friend by his side, he was given a proper tour of the city’s dining and nightlife.