Joby Schraier – Chicago

Joby Schraier has explored every major city in the United States; and Chicago remains in his top three as one of the coolest cities he has ever visited. The Windy City is known for its friendly people, outstanding architecture and deep-dish pizza. Lucky for him, he got to experience the best of all three while on his trip.

 Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

Joby Schraier’s first stop upon driving into the city was the harbor, where he boarded a boat for an architecture tour. Much of Chicago’s most impressive displays of architecture are lined up along the city’s waterside area, making a boat tour the perfect way to float around while you hear stories about all of them.

Next, was Joby Schraier’s journey to find the perfect deep dish pizza. He achieved this goal at Paizano’s, a local favorite for pizza that is locate in the downtown business district. He got more than he even bargained for at Paizano’s; not only was the pizza incredible, but the people he encountered while there made the experience that much more worthwhile. He had a waitress of bigger size who had to keep squeezing by him to get to the other customers. He politely scooted every time as if it didn’t bother him. After his pizza, the waitress surprised him with a free dessert and beer, thanking him for his kindness and courteous nature.

Joby Schraier was touched by the gesture, which caught the attention of those around him and eventually struck up conversation. And that’s how he also earned himself a night on the town with some local, friendly tour guides.