Finance – Tips To help The New Business Owner

Many new business owners are very familiar with all of the costs that are associated with opening a business, whether it be in the form of loans or employee salaries, supplies for products, the list goes on. That is why one of the most important abilities in a business owner’s repertoire comes down to his understanding of finance and budgeting. A successful business is one that is able to self-sustain, meaning that it can operate entirely on its own, generating enough profits to cover the cost of running it. After you have met that minimum requirement, there is the desire for your business to grow in a sustained manner over a long period of time. Only a good business will be able to grow their profit margins over time, luckily, good financial management can help with that. One of the best ways to become self-sufficient in your business and maximize profits is to make sure that you are cutting unnecessary and hidden costs. This can be done by making sure that your employees are well trained, not wasting product, and have a good attitude and management team so that they are following the methods you have suggested.

 Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

Squeezing profits out of your business isn’t about cutting corners, but actually preventing corner-cutting mentalities that often end up costing the owner money, instead of saving it. A good business owner needs to be thorough with his policy and assure that his employees are following a cohesive strategy.

Joby Schraier is a professional business consultant who stresses the importance of finance and budgeting.


The Value of Buying a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle

Driving a certified pre-owned vehicle means satisfaction, peace of mind and safety for all your concerns when buying a used vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles will have a maximum mileage care warranty, including both a limited power train warranty and a lifetime certified upgrade plan. This offering should never fall short of those key factors.

Joby Schraier

Never buy a certified pre-owned vehicle if it hasn’t been put through a 125-point inspection. This inspection means the dealership has put the vehicle to the test with a highly detailed 125-point inspection, one that includes qualification standards, mechanical standards, ownership materials, maintenance standards, details and appearance standards. Also, if you happen to have car problems and need to have your car serviced, then most certified pre-owned offers will include car rental allowance.

You should always inquire about a Carfax vehicle history report, which documents of the vehicles clear of any prior title obligations. A Carfax vehicle history report will also help you avoid buying a used car with DMV-reported incidents, such as flood damage, fire, salvage title, odometer problems or lemon law history. Only the best dealerships offer roadside coverage, that which includes 24-hour flat tire service, gas delivery, battery jump assistance and more importantly lockout service. Let’s face it, sometimes we are forgetful, and being locked out of your car on a cold night is no fun.

If you’re planning on buying a used vehicle, then you will want to consider buying a certified pre-owned vehicle before buying from a private owner.

Joby Schraier is tasked with the co-approval and recommendation to higher level lenders requested beyond the authority levels established. He handles ensuring that all necessary documentation and statements for assigned dealers is obtained on a timely basis, and each dealer line is approved through the Dealer Review process annually.

Joby Schraier – Tae Kwon Do Develops Self Esteem & Self Confidence

In any self-improvement program, you measure success as a foundation for self-confidence. The confidence of this type is built on mental and physical improvements, as well as mastering the skill of self-discipline, while offering immense return versus other types of athletics. Tae Kwon Do allows oneself to increase their correlation, flexibility, memory, and self-awareness. It is also a great stepping stone to increase strength and develop self-defense in your day to day routine.

Joby Schraier
Joby Schraier

Do not confuse success with winning as the rewards I’m not reserved just for the top athletes in this martial art. Every student will gain a sense of self-confidence and pride. Students who participate in Tae Kwon Do will instantly feel gratification in their lifelong achievements. Tae Kwon Do develops the body and mind while challenging students to a deeply rewarding process of mastering combinations, techniques, and complex patterns while developing Athletic ability and coordination. When you achieve greatly at any level, you gain a solid foundation of pride as well as a sense of accomplishment bundled with self-esteem.

Joby Schraier has been in the automotive management and finance management industry for nearly 20 years. Joby Schraier prides himself on the ability to put together loans for his customers while working with several banks to offer the best comprehensive loans and financing options. Joby takes pride in being current and up-to-date with financing terms and trends in his industry. He focuses on Dodge Chrysler Jeep and Ram manufacturers. Also, he has been Chrysler Manager Certified since 2013 and has been Kia certified since 2012.

Joby Schraier is an avid St. Louis Cardinals baseball fan. He is also a first degree black belt and has mastered the art form of Tae Kwon Do. He studied this self-defense martial art at Ahn’s Martial Arts in St Louis Missouri.